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Lots of Gardening at the Green Festival

It’s Green Festival time in DC (and for LA and SF) and I stopped by to see what’s going on in the gardening world and was pleased to find more garden-related vendors than usual.  (Though among speakers, not so much.) First, I discovered some...


Give Seeds A Chance

I think of my vegetable garden as one big science experiment of the kind that I was not allowed to do at home when I was ten, on account of the colossal mess I generally made. (God, adulthood is wonderful!) I’ll plant a bit...

Shut Up And Dig

See you in the Twin Cities?

Mary Schier By now, many of you must have heard about the yearly garden blogger get-togethers that have been running since 2008. Pam Penick of Digging got it started; the first one took place in Austin, which is home to great gardens and—at that...

Ministry Of Controversy

Gas and land

East Pond, at Gateway National Refuge Area. Photo courtesy of NPS. U.S. athletes triumphed during the recent Olympiad—loved watching it! I wish I could say the same about our triumphant leadership in other fields, especially when it comes to breaking away from dependence on...

Crrritic Tunein

Pinterest tells us what you like

Hey, bloggers among you, have you ever checked to see which of the photos you’ve published are pinned to readers’ Pinterest boards?  It’s kinda fun, and here’s how.  For this blog I went to:   You get the idea. Pinterest only displays the most...


Wildflowers in December

A lot of us gardening addicts think we live in our own little particularized universe, isolated by our allegiance to perennials, seeds, bulbs, vines, compost, mulch, pruners, trowels, and topsoil. Nobody we know cares about gardening as much as we do. I know I...

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